Book pre-orders

This year we're encouraging attendees to order books early so you don't have to face long lines or risk missing getting a book autographed. All you have to do is fill out the form below, cut and past the authors and titles you want to order into the message box, and you can pick up your books already bagged by the Troy University bookstore located in Grange Hall on the Old Alabama Town grounds on April 21. If you have any questions about books or prices, please contact Kirk Curnutt at

ATKINS Ace The Fallen Putnam's 978-0399576713$27.00 
    Little White Lies (hardback) Putnam's
  Little White Lies (paperback)Penguin
    Slow Burn Penguin
  The RangerPenguin
    Crossroad Blues (graphic novel) Image Comics
BELANGER Sarah North Alabama Beer History Press 978-1467136648$21.99 
BLEJWAS Emily Once You Know This Delacorte 978-1524700973$16.99 
BRANDON Tom Mr Brandon's School Bus New South Books 978-1588383228$15.95 
BURRIS A. Embry The Life We Choose Solomon & George 978-0998636221$15 
CHAPMAN Callie Glitter the Unicorn Glitter 978-0997396805$18.99 
    Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Moon Glitter 978-0997396881$18.99 
    Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Beach Glitter 978-0997396850$18.99 
CHERRY JAMES Edge of the Wind Stephen Austin U P 978-1622881406$18 
DAVIS Kamara see Sarah Belanger (co-author)      
FIKE Rupert Hello to the House Snake Nation Press 978-0-9979353-1-8TBA 
FRIDLIN CC Step by Step Italian CCF Publishing 978-0999349601$18.99 
FLYNT Wayne Mockingbird Songs Harper 978-0062660084$25.99 
FORMICHELLA Joe Scarpete Stories Indie 978-1520398150$12 
GIAGNONI Silvia Here We May Rest New South Books 978-1603064323$29.95 
GHIGNA Charles Alabama: Home Sweet Home Whitman 978-0794846510TBA 
    First Times Orca Book Publishers 978-1459811980$19.95 
    Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool Animals Animal Planet  978-1618931665$18.99 
    Who Can? Orca Book Publishers  978-1459813694$9.95 
GILES Lamar Overturned Scholastic 978-0545812504$17.99 
    Fake ID Amistad 978-0062121851$9.99 
HINTON Anthony Ray The Sun Does Shine St Martin's P 978-1250124715$26.99 
HINTON Lynne The View from Here New South 978-1588383471$25.95 
HOWARD Linda The Woman Left Behind William Morrow 978-0062419019$26.99 
HUDSON Suzanne All the Way to Memphis Rivers Edge 978-1940595030$16 
HUGGINS Peter Thibodeaux and the Fish Solomon and George 978-0998636207$12 
JEFFERS Honoree Fanonne The Glory Gets Wesleyan 978-0819575425$24.95 
JOHNSON Mark An Irresistible History of Alabama BBQ History Press 978-1467137027$21.99 
JURJEVIC Andrea Small Crimes Anhinga Press 978-1934695500$20 
KAZEK Kelly Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter Solomon & George 978-0998636238$15.95 
KLUGE PF Eddie and the Cruisers Overlook Press 978-1590200940$14.95 
    The Master Blaster Overlook Press 978-1590203224$26.95 
    The Williamson Turn Rare Bird Books 978-1945572463$15.95 
McCALL Jason Two-Face God Word Tech Editions  978-1625492524$19.00 
MILLER L. Erin Fighting for Kate 5 Fold Media 978-1942056577$20.95 
MOTEN Derryn Crusader without Violence: MLK New South Books  978-1588383501$21.95 
MOTLEY Eric L. Madison Park Zondervan  978-0310349631$24.99 
MURRAY Laura Amazing Alabama New South Books 978-1588383396$9.95 
OKEOWO Alexis A Moonless, Starless Sky Hachette  978-0316382939$26 
PARSONS Ash The Falling Between Us Philomel 978-0399168482$17.99 
    Still Waters Philomel 978-0399168475$17.99 
PENCE Amy [It] Incandescent    TBA 
PHILLIPS Gin Fierce Kingdom Viking 978-0735224278$25.00 
RASKINHannaNew Charleston Cuisine (cookbook)Evening Post Books978-1929647330$29.95 
RICHMOND Michelle Marriage Pact (hardback) Bantam 978-0385343299$27.00 
  Marriage Pact (paperback) Bantam
    Hum Fiction Collective 2 978-1573661782$16.95 
    Year of Fog Bantam 978-0553385892$8.99 
RIVERA Lilliam The Education of Margot Sanchez Simon and Schuster 978-1481472128$10.99 
SHEPARD Neil Hominid Up Salmon Press 978-1908836953$21 
    Selected Poems Salmon Press 978-1912561001TBA 
SLEDGE John These Rugged Days U of Alabama Press 978-0817319601$34.95 
STUTSMAN Douglas The South's Oldest Rivalry History Press 978-1467137669$21.99 
VINES Adam Out of Speech LSU Press  978-0807167656$17.95 
    Day Kink Unicorn Press 978-0877750116TBA 
WEDDLE Jeff Comes to This Nixes Mates Books 978-0692869222$9.95 
    Heart of the Broken World Nixes Mates Books 978-0999188286$9.95 
WHITE Patti Pink Motel Anhinga Press 978-1934695517$20 
WIER Allen Late Night, Early Morning U of Tennessee P 978-1621903321$24.95 
WRINKLELouise AgeeListen to the Land (Gardening)B-ham Home Garden978-0692938904$39.95 
ZANES Warren Dusty Springfield's Dusty in Memphis Bloomsbury  978-0826414922$14.95 
    Petty: The Biography St Martin's 978-1250105196$17.99 


 Please fill out the form below and cut and paste the books you would like to reserve into the message box, including the ISBN. They will be bagged and available for your purchase on Saturday, April 21, 2018, during the festival at the festival bookstore, which will be located in Grange Hall.

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