Visit the Bookstore Located in Grange Hall!

Welcome to the official bookstore for the Alabama Book Festival! We're delighted this year that Lady Smith at The Snail on the Wall from Huntsville will be in Grange Hall with copies of all the books on the program for you to purchase and get signed!

If you'd like to pre-order books and get them signed, you can go to Lady's store!

Please take a moment to learn about Lady and her store:

About The Snail on the Wall:

The Snail on the Wall is a full-service independent bookstore without a storefront based in Huntsville, Alabama. The Snail partners hosts pop-up stores and special events; works with book clubs and other community groups; and  serves readers of all ages by delivering books year-round, book clubs, businesses, and other school and community groups. Owner Lady Vowell Smith launched The Snail on the Wall in November 2017 after a long career in reading, writing, editing, and teaching. She began The Snail on the Wall as a blog several years ago, in an attempt to connect readers with books and writing that will inspire, challenge, and interest them. She follows that same mission now as an independent bookseller, serving the community of readers in Huntsville and beyond. Visit The Snail on the Wall at, and let us be your “local” bookstore.